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Contemporary Canadia Art. Art by Bo Grskovich. Bo Grskovich. Vancouver artist. Woman artist.


I was guarded, walking in the hallways long,

passing solid walls, many closed doors

Colourless and plain.

Turning the corner to the right,

I stepped on the threshold...

my breath was caught with might.


In white garments, two angels I presumed

stood silent and tall.

Concerned about me they were not,

facing the window across the deep hole.


What seemed bottomless was full.

Altogether, not knowing,

in silence and solitude, they dwell.

The rays of purest white fire

on earth not seen,

shooting, straight up

like an upright beam.

As I marvelled and stared,

the floor appeared,

forming a man.

Sitting was he,

about me, not aware.

In his suffering without rejection,

resolved was he to pay his debt.

I have known about this person,

to find him here...

surprise caught my breath.

The prayer left my lips,

for mercy upon the soul in cleansing,

For my part, in Your will

his countenance

promptly I forget.





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